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300 Watts standard Monocrystalline silicon solar panel

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Monocrystalline silicon 300W solar module

The monocrystalline silicon solar cell is a solar cell made of a high-purity single crystal silicon rod, and is currently the fastest developed solar cell. Its construction and production process have been finalized and its products have been widely used in space and on the ground.

Solar cells mainly include crystalline silicon cells and thin film cells, and their respective characteristics determine that they have an irreplaceable position in different applications.

Model Number: HTM-380~500MH

Warranty: 5 years, 25 Years 80%

Size: 1997*992*40mm

Type: PERC, Half Cell, All Black, mono solar panels,standard solar panels

Certificate: TUV/CE/ISO14001/ISO1901

Panel Efficiency: 19.18~20.35

Name: fotovoltaic panel Mono 380W 400W 420W 435W 500 Watt Solar Panel

Product name: Mono 380W 400W 420W 435W 500 Watt Solar Panel

Solar cell: Mono 156*156mm

Connector: MC4 Compatible Connector

Voc: Solar panel Voc 48V

Main Features.

1) Power generation efficiency increased by 35%~40%.

2) Simple structure ,easy in installation and debugger application.

3) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in inclination,electric parts and actuator parts.

4) The tracker could adjusts solar panels into horizontal when meeting strong wind.

5) Adapt to outdoor environment,working temperature -40~70C°.

6) Running in a high automation and intelligence,no pollution

7) Hot-dipped zinc galvanization will extend the work life of the brackets,25 years service life .

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