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Electric Mosquito, Fly, Bug Zapper, Mosquito Insect Killer LED Light Trap Lamp Pest Control

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indoor electronic usb photocatlyst led light mosquito killer lamp

Product Description

Product Instructions:

Product Name
Mosquito killer lamp
Brand Name
13 * 13 * 19cm
Wire length
Effective range
≤20 square meter (Indoor)
USB cable
Working principle:
 This product use led light source to generate the favorite 365nm wavelength of light wave of mosquito, which induces mosquito to approach the light source.The air flow generate by that fan is rapidly sucked into the mosquito storage ,cavity of the mosquito kill. Then the air-dried and dehydrated to death, and physical mosquito killing is carry out Non-toxic,smokeless, tasteless,and radiopaque.
Product use method:
1.Put theelectric mosquito killer one meter off the ground. It works better when no body.
2.Connect the plug with the USB Port, then the light will open and the fan will work.
3.Turn on the storage box in counterclockwise and remove the mosquito dead body with brush. Suggest 3-5days to clean the storage box once.
4.Please don't place theelectric mosquito killer under strong light or strong wind.
Product features:
1. ABS material is environmental, safe and durable.
2. LED light with 360-400nm purple light can attract mosquitoes easily.
3. Mute fan provides a nearly silent sleeping environment to ensure you can sleep well.
4. Powerful airflow of fan can make vortex to kill mosquitoes safely and easily by air drying and dehydration.
5. Cable with USB interface can be charged easily by tablet, power bank or phone charger with 5V / 1A output.
Detailed Images
mosquito killerelectric mosquito killermosquito killer electricled mosquito killerusb mosquito killer

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