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Haier Thermocool Chest Freezer HTF-100. (Energy Saving Up To 40%)

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₦152,000 ₦165,800
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This Haier Thermocool Small Chest Freezer 100 INTC R6 with modelHT FREEZER CHEST SML 100 INTC R6 WHT
Its low noise operation helps maintain a quieter environment.
It also comes with one detachable basket compartment to store vegetables, fruits, and other foodstuff. Haier Thermocool products are known to be tested and trusted.
Haier Thermocool Small Chest Freezer HTF-100 has a 103-Liter net capacity. This small chest freezer comes with an extreme cooling function, it has a reversible door that swings open and close.
This product is very portable and stylish. This means it does not take a lot of space, also does not take the style from the décor. It fits in totally with the arrangement.
The Haier Thermocool logo is used to beautify the freezer and compliment the décor of its environment, it also comes with a body surface that is anti-rust.
The zinc coated body protects the freezer from rust.
This freezer serves as a helpmate because it can in small enclosed places at shorter proximities. It can serve as a bedside fridge bringing more convenience to its user.
This product can be said to be extremely valuable and there is assurance of a three-year warranty on this Haier thermocool product.
The freezer has been known for giving customers their money’s worth. Therefore one can be sure to buy this product with no regrets.
Haier Thermocool has been in Nigeria for over 40 years, religious users of this brand can testify to the solidity and originality of this brand.
Thermocool products are considered safe to use anywhere. Thermocool products will serve its user with a defined purpose.
This freezer can freeze food items as quickly as possible. The thick insulation will ensure better cooling retention during long hours of power cuts.
The Thermocool design is used to beautify the freezer and compliment the decor of its environment and you can get them at honjekexpress.

Key Features

  1. 103-liters capacity
  2. Super Freezing
  3. Anti-rust protected
  4. LED light
  5. Safety door lock
  6. Low noise operation
  7. 75mm insulation thickness

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