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Home Potable Tool Set

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₦14,500 ₦23,000
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Home Tool Set Detail
2.Including Screwdriver, Knife, Plier, Tape, etc
4.DIY could be choose.
5.Certificate: CE, GS, EMC, ROHS

Home Tool Set Features and Functions:

1. A set of tools refers to a combination of one or several tools within a given specification range. Generally, there are fixed combinations and packagings, which can fully guarantee the scope of use and facilitate storage and carrying.

2. The kit should focus on the comprehensiveness, practicability and quality of the product.

3. The set includes needle-nosed pliers and vise. The former is used for smaller workpieces, such as wires and thin wires. The latter has greater force and can be used for drawing and cutting of larger workpieces.

4. The small word and the cross screwdriver are widely used, and the assembly of small pieces of furniture and electrical appliances are inseparable from them; the adjustable wrench and the half-angle hammer are convenient installation and disassembly tools.

5. The kit also includes a special ratchet wrench and is equipped with a variety of adapters and sleeves for a variety of needs.

6. In addition, pocket saws, tape measures, digital display pencils, etc. are also essential tools in the set. A set of such tools is always available in the home, which can bring a lot of convenience when needed.

7. The power tool set is more suitable for complex home improvement work. If you need to install and assemble more, the hand tool set is more suitable for daily family life. Each family can keep a set.

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