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Mercury 10kVA AVR – 10kVA Automatic Voltage Regulator / Stabiliser

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Brand: mecury
Product Code: 445


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Mercury 10kVA AVR – 10kVA Automatic Voltage Regulator / Stabiliser

  • Wide Input Voltage Range 100V ~ 270Vac
  • Ideal for office automation system & home appliances
  • 6 Steps Transformer Design In Voltage Stabilizing – For extra reliability
  • Voltage Protection – High / Low Voltage, High-Temperature Protection
  • Soft Start Protection – Safeguards your expensive equipment
  • Compact Design – Sleek & handyGet the Mercury 10kVA AVR for that all-important voltage protection to your equipment. With the Mercury 10kVA AVR, you can support heavy-duty equipment or a number of appliances at a stretch.Power fluctuations are common and for anyone using power generators (and who doesn’t?), the risk of voltage fluctuations is even higher. What you must know, also, is that voltage fluctuations can damage your important appliances, causing you financial loss.Automatic voltage regulators, AVR, provide the voltage stabilization that will protect your sensitive equipment. AVRs, commonly called stabilizers, are designed to stabilize the voltage. That not only helps your equipment to function optimally but protects them from damage. The AVR will take a wide input voltage range and output a regulated voltage range that is safe for your equipment.Having an AVR that delivers the expected result is a different matter, though. All AVRs are not made equal. And you need an AVR that does an effective job of providing the voltage stabilization that is imperative to keep your valued equipment safe.That is where Mercury brand AVRs come in. Mercury AVRs are built to high standards and offer efficient voltage regulation function. With Mercury AVR, you get the result that you expect, with your equipment enjoying that all-important protection from voltage-induced damage. These Mercury AVRs also deliver the durability users expect, serving you for years on end.This is a quality stabilizer, suitable for home appliances and office equipment. Like all Mercury products, they come with one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Technical Specifications:

  • ModelZTY Single Phase
  • VA Rating0.5KVA
  • 1KVA
  • 2KVA
  • 3KVA
  • 5KVA
  • 10KVA
  • 15KVA
  • 20KVA
  • 30KVA
  • INPUTP haseSingle Phase + N + GND
  • Voltage Range160Vac-250Vac
  • OUTPUT Voltage 220V
  • Voltage Precision≤±3%
  • Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Over-voltage Protection, Output Voltage 250V ±5V
  • Low-voltage Protection Output Voltage 183V ±5V
  • Efficiency≥96%
  • OTHERSDisplay ModelLED / METER
  • Input/Output DeviceOptional Plug; Socket / Terminal
  • Waveform DistortionNo affixation Waveform Distortion
  • Response Time(±10% Varies) <1s div=””>
  • Insulation Resistance≥2MΩ
  • Anti-electricity IntensionLow Frequency Sine Voltage 1500V Take 1minute No Rout and Camber Phenomena
  • Ambient Temperature(0ºC-40ºC)
  • Relative Humidity≤95%
  • WorkingContinue
  • Dimension(WxDxH)mm150x247x144
  • 150x247x200
  • 150x285x260
  • 175x360x305
  • 220x485x430
  • 330x370x612
  • 530x400x732
  • Net Weight(kg)4.3
  • 4.8
  • 8.2
  • 9.5
  • 15.2
  • 31
  • 53
  • 59
  • 91
  • Packing(WxDxH)mm235x360x235
  • 235x360x290
  • 230x395x350
  • 278x470x415
  • 280x555x495
  • 430x500x690
  • 635x500x830
  • Gross Weight(kg)4.8
  • 5.3
  • 8.8
  • 10.1
  • 15.9
  • 32
  • 56
  • 61.3

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