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MSQ CT Small Size Metering Current Transformer

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₦6,000 ₦7,500
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CT consist of primary winding, secondary winding, magnetic core and insulated body. The high-grade silicon steel core is annealed, varnished then insulated with polycarbonate core caps. The secondary winding is toroidally wound by high precision semi-automatic machinery. For the tape wound ring type current transformer, the PEW coated windings are then covered with elephantite paper, varnished and double-tapped with PVS tapes. For the encapsulated type current transformer, the windings are enclosed in a compact and heat resistant split cap.

MSQ CT Small Size Metering Current Transformer


MSQ-30S 75/5 - 1.5 60130300755

MSQ-30S 80/5 - 1.5 60130300805

MSQ-30S 100/5 2.5 2.5 60130301005

MSQ-30S 120/5 2.5 2.5 60130301205

MSQ-30S 150/5 5 5 60130301505

MSQ-30S 200/5 5 5 60130302005

MSQ-30S 250/5 5 5 60130302505

MSQ-30S 300/5 5 7.5 60130303005

Note: Class/VA rating must be mentioned when ordering.

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