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Rechargeable Bottle Water Hand Pump

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₦1,800 ₦2,250
Brand: Super
Product Code: 622


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This bottle water hand pump is ideal for pumping and dispensing water for camping, sporting, traveling, office and home using. It is easy to assemble and remove for convenient using and cleaning. It features the universal adapter for fitting most standard water dispenser bottles. You need only to press down the pump head and get the water from bottle or jug without extra power. This Environmentally Friendly Water Bottle/Jug Hand Pump is a manual pump for bottled water that is great for camping, sports, home, school, office and more. The hand pump is easy to assemble and the pump tubes are removable for easy cleaning. The pump's adapter fits most standard water dispenser bottles and can be switched to a different dispenser bottle in just seconds. Easy to use - just press down the pump head - manual operation - no power required. Fits most standard 5/6 gallon water dispenser bottles

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