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Term Conditions Page

Terms and Conditions
Honjek technical limited, Operators of honjek has created these terms and conditions to govern our relationship with users (Businesses, Brands, Individuals) and others that interact with HTL as well as its services. These terms and conditions apply to all types of services HTL offer both direct or indirect. The terms "you", "your", "yourself", "yours" and "customer" refer to the individual person or corporation who creates an account with us or searches for information (Stores,  Brands, Products, and Services) on our search engine.

HTl Terms and conditions may be revised and modified occasionally, hence, it is advisable to review them each and every time you use any of our services.
Services (direct and indirect) apply to everything provided online, through mobile devices and computers of all platforms, by email, telephone, post or through direct contact with our officers. You accept that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions (as well as our privacy policy) below.

Legal Use
Your utilization of any of our services warrant that you will not make unlawful use of this website or any contents and materials we provide through other means with which we correspond with you or final parties on your behalf.
Service Scope is an online platform operated by Honjek technical limited that allows you own a store to sell your brands, products and services to people/users. But every user (Service providers and clients) is responsible for whatever information they provide during communication, business, and activities they engage in through the

People Find stores, brands, organizations and individuals on and do business directly with them. Also Merchants, Agents can receive payment for their products and services through their Honjekexpress store and workshop when p lol there are verified.

Only verified stores on will be active. Also they will receive payment for items they bought.

It is mandate to note that the accuracy of information provided on the website is exclusive to the users who are responsible for updating their accounts with on their current status. though we aim to provide information about.
Third Parties
References or Links to websites operated by other parties may be found on this Honjekexpress and are provided for reference purposes only. We do not in any way imply an endorsement of the contents and operations on such websites. does not participate in their management and is not responsible for your use of these websites.
Delivery and Return Policy does not involve in any delivery and return of products/items and services between store/brand owners and users/buyers.
Disclaimer bears no responsibility for any liability that may arise from any service, either to the Merchants, individuals, and Companies.